Creative Galaxy - an Amazon Prime Original Series

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Over the weekend, my kids and I discovered Creative Galaxy, an Amazon Prime Original Series and the latest from the creators of Blue's Clues.  If you and your kids enjoy Blue's Clues and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, then you will love Creative Galaxy too.

Each episode features a boy named Arty who has a problem that must be fixed with art.  To find a solution, Arty travels through the Creative Galaxy gathering items for his idea box, and landing on planets where he meets friends enjoying different forms of art, who help Arty create an art project that solves his problem.  The show ends with some real kids creating an art project (related to the one Arty makes) using everyday items that your kids can make at home.

The show has a excellent cast including Cloris Leachman, Brooke Shields, and Samantha Bee (The Daily Show).  Series creator Angela Santomero has the golden touch when it comes to childrens programming.  Check it out, I think you and your kids will enjoy!

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