Using Plex on Roku - works like Chromecast

I really wanted to watch the season 5 of Downton Abbey, but it's not on Netflix or Amazon prime yet.  I have the PBS channel on my Roku, but it only shows the most recent episodes and I need to start at episode 1.  I can watch it on my computer, but that's no good, I want to sit on my couch and watch on my TV.

I thought about buying a chromecast to cast it to my TV, but who wants to spend more money on another streaming device when I already have a perfectly good Roku.

Then I discovered the Plex Channel.  Plex is a media server, you can run for free from your PC.  It allows you to organize all your media (pictures, music, videos) on your PC and then stream anywhere in your house on your connected devices.  But a little know feature also allows you to stream video from any website on your TV.  The feature called "Plex it" allows you to find videos on any website, hit the "Plex It" bookmark on your browser and add the video to your queue.  You can then watch the video on your Roku using the Plex Channel on Roku, and you don't need your Media Server running to do this.  It works a lot like the Chromecast does in that way.

I was able use the "Plex it" button on for Downton Abbey Season 5: Episode 1 and then watch it on my Roku.  Love it!

To learn how to do this yourself, check out this video:


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  2. I was unable to unable to add Plex on Roku using my account then i find following steps.

    Log into your Roku account at
    Press the “Yes, Add Channel” button
    Return to your Roku and visit ‘Settings > System > System Update’
    Choose “Check Now” to (force) update the channels on your Roku

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  4. Netflix is also a good choice, if you don't want to use kingroot apk