My Second Roku Box - Let's get rid of cable

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After watching the Roku in our bedroom for a few weeks, we liked it so much we decided we needed one in the living room as well.  For our second Roku box, we decided to get the cheapest model, the Roku HD, because we will be plugging it into the router via ethernet cable and won't need the dual band wireless N support.  Also, our living room TV is several years old and is not HD.

At $59, this model was less expensive than any other Netflix box out there, but it didn't let me down at all.  Everything worked just as well as the more expensive model.  You can see the difference in the models here

With our new Roku in the living room we found ourselves watching less and less Cable TV.  In fact some nights we didn't watch any Cable TV and didn't even use our DVR.  We got addicted to Wings, Monk and Modern Family, all of which we watch on the Roku box. 

Why were we paying for the Cable TV anymore?  Well, I like Sports and I was kind of worried about losing the ability to watch my sports.  But I finally realized that most of the sports I like to watch are broadcast over the air.  I hadn't watched TV over an antenna in years, so I decided to buy an antenna and a converter box and see what it was like.  I was suprised to see that the reception was a lot better than I remember back in my childhood.  And now, instead of each network having one channel, like channel 8 for ABC, they have subchannels.  ABC has channel 8.1, 8.2 8.3, etc.  Kind of interesting.  So with that, we decided to save over $70 a month and cut our Cable TV entirely.

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  1. Great idea ditching cable. After a while it will be hardly missed. The Roku fills the on demand role of cable really well. For local news and network channels a small HTPC along with a QAM tuner will make an excellent HD DVR for local free over the air content. There is also a large list of free streaming channels that can be viewed on your HTPC, Computer, or Smart Phone at