American Dreaming

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Description: A documentary about Detroit automotive designers 1946-73. Now in production by Robert Edwards, Greg Salustro & cinematographer Jim Toscano.

American Dreaming is a full-length documentary about American automotive styling from 1946 to 1973, featuring interviews of the men and women artists who designed Detroit's automobiles.

During the hey day of america's post-war period. people were looking to the future with a heady optimism that saw a boom in America's middle-class.

All of America was drawn to "modern conveniences and futuristic designs." Detroit's auto exec's took notice and gambled on a market for visually appealing cars.

Across the board engineers were replaced by artists, their studios were offices staffed by an elite group of highly creative individuals, their canvas was a 4 door sedan, a coupe and even the family station wagon.

Join us for a look at an era when automotive design reached new heights and conquered new ground.

Subscribe now and get exclusive behind the scenes action, backstage interviews, watch as this documentary unfolds.

Plus you'll see designs never before seen by the public that were meant only for the auto exec's eyes, and even an opportunity to own some of these beautiful pieces of art...

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