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Description: Stream video, music and photos from a home network storage based on HipServ system. Currently supports: Seagate GoFlex, Netgear Stora, Verbatim MediaShare, Roxio Streamer and La Cie InternetSpace. Lite version limited to 5 mp3 per folder and 15 min of video playback.

Do you want to enjoy your digital media on your Roku? And you have an HipServ-based home network attached storage device?
hipMedia channel allows you to easily connect to your HipServ-based home media server and stream your
entire media collection from anywhere, anytime!
The hipMedia channel is compatible with:
Seagate GoFlex Home, Netgear Stora, HipServ MediaCaster, Roxio Streamer, Verbatim MediaShare and La Cie InternetSpace.

What you can do with hipMedia for Roku:
. Browse your photos stored on your HipServ and enjoy and show them to your family and friends directly from your Roku device at home or remotely.
. Stream music stored on your HipServ directly to your Roku from anywhere.
. Watch a video stored on your HipServ on your Roku.

Note: This Lite version is limited to 5 mp3 files per folder and 15 min of video playback, and do not have the bookmarks feature available.

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Category: photos-and-video
Developer: Marcelo Lv Cabral

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