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Description: Dr. Jonathan Hansen's Warning TV program reflects the apostolic and prophetic anointing he carries. It features insights from church, political and business leaders and others. With uncompromising love of Truth, the Warning program brings a biblical world view and understanding of future events.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen's Warning TV program is based from an Apostolic & Prophetic anointing perspective for the global Bride of Christ. Featuring top guests from the political, business, legal, and church fields of expertise, and dynamic testimonies. The Warning program offers an insightful and uncompromising biblical world view of current events, social issues, prophecy, and issues of the Christian faith. Our mission is to faithfully speak to the nations of the world, proclaiming the Kingdom of God; giving warning to political and church leaders, the church, and society of the signs of the return of Jesus Christ. We are sounding the alarm for the nations to turn from sin and to draw near to Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to influence and transform the nations whereby enabling true peace, blessings and prosperity to come to the people. Dr. Hansen travels the nations meeting with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, House of Representatives, and speaking in the parliaments. He also meets with church leaders, bringing them together in large meetings and conferences because leadership is responsible both politically and spiritually for the health of the nation. Dr. Hansen is on the board of Christian Life Educators Network as well as the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. He is also a member of the Apostolic Council of Transformational Servant Leaders.

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