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Description: John Carter explores the astounding world of the ancient Hebrew prophets as he investigates and answers the great questions of time and eternity. These revelations from the past prepare the now generation for the ultimate encounter - the return of the King.

John Carter believes in plain talk. He believes that humans are not the product of time+matter+chance. He believes in a personal God who created the Universe. He accepts the scientific truth of the "Anthropic Principle" that says everything in the Cosmos of 200 billion galaxies was designed for the existence of mankind. He believes in the supernatural origin of the Bible. He believes that the truths of God's Book are self-authenticating and reveal the path to true happiness. He does not believe in the traditional view of death, heaven, or hell. He believes that ignorance of, and disobedience to, God's laws are the root cause of unhappiness, discontent, and despair. He believes that this is the age of the Apocalypse. He believes that the greatest crisis of human history is just ahead. He believes that the gullible masses are being swayed and manipulated by forces with hidden and dangerous agendas. He believes that established churches, by and large, have missed the mark, and are lulling the people into a false security. He believes in taking the plain truths of the Bible to the inhabitants of this "Planet in Rebellion," as God opens the doors. He has spoken to millions in Russia, Ukraine, India, Africa, Australia and America. He invites you to join him now for a thoughtful consideration of great truths that have transformed the lives of millions. Welcome to The Carter Report and The Living Word.

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